Friday, July 11, 2008

Bingo! and other stuff

I am passing the Brilliante Weblog award to..

April because she is my sweet daughter-in-law who has fallen in love with quilting and my son, not necessarily in that order. lol

Linda who is my oldest and most loyal blog pal since starting this adventure. Thanks, Linda!

Suzy my petite Southern friend and fellow Quilts on Review sister. She makes some of the most beautiful quilts I've seen.

Barb who's blog I know will have the most gorgeous pictures of the beach! oh, and quilts, too...

Myra my newest blog friend who has a blog-ful of beautiful pictures! (I love blogs with pictures, can you tell?)

QOR is having their annual online retreat and tonight I won Bingo! I had a very slow start, but as the hour wore on and the numbers kept coming, my card kept filling up. These are the buttons I used and what my card looked like all covered. I won a set of Froggie FQs. Yesterday I won a trivia contest and have two FQs headed my way once the retreat is over.
This pile of pieces will be my mystery quilt for this year's retreat. I'm not so sure that I have enough contrast, but I have a feeling that it will look fine and I think I know a few someones that might even like it well enough to take it off my hands! You know who you are!

My brother is here this weekend and he is spending time with Dad. Unfortunately, this has not been the best week Dad has had. He's had a reaction to the antibiotic and is not himself. He seemed better tonight, so I'm praying that it will work it's way out of his system soon. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.


Suzy said...

Veronica you just amaze me with just everything. You stay so on top of things. I just love your blog. thanks for the honor of passing the award my way!

Yvonne said...

Girlfriend you make my head spin. How in the world do you make all of these things. I think your hands are never still. It takes me hours just to get ready to do something or prepare to make something. Of course I am like the old slow turtle slow and steady and I finally end the race.