Saturday, July 19, 2008

Retreat (sort of) at Dad's

I spent the whole day at Dad's yesterday. I chose to stay home this weekend because he's been so sick. I just couldn't stand being gone, not knowing how things are going. He's doing better, still weak. But, I did set up my trusty old Sears Kenmore sewing machine (it's the one Jim bought me right after we were married) and proceeded to sew the corners onto my Starlight rectangles. When I helped Dad to bed once, he said, "Let's see if you can finish your quilt by the time I wake up!" LOL Not likely... This is going to be an ongoing process. I have to get all the corners sewn on to the rectangles before I can even begin to sew pieces together. Hence, the small pieced ditty you see in this picture. These are the leftovers I cut off from those corner pieces. It's so hard for me to throw away stacks of fabric that are just begging to be sewn! These little squares finish out to about 3/4". They're not perfect because sometimes I don't cut the corners off at exactly 1/4" from the rectangle. It's ok. Once I get alllllll the small triangles sewn together into more of this, I think it will be a treasure!

I'm off to Dad's again this morning. The night gal leaves around 7:30. I like to be there before Joe leaves for work, although today is Saturday, isn't it? More than likely Joe will sleep late, though, and the day girl won't be in so I need to get over there to fix breakfast. Good thing I took a few days off, huh? lol

Oh, I almost forgot! I took the other quilt apart (the one with the flower faces) and didn't find anything as interesting as the other innards. The inside of this old quilt is an old terry blanket and a terry towel that had been folded in half and sewn to the blanket to make it a little bigger. Kinda

Off to the second day of my "Dad Retreat"!

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