Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day, 2008

An easy, uneventful day. Thank You, Lord. We had breakfast at Dad's (who has a cold now, sorry, Dad :-(. Dad opened his gifts and Rob and I came back to the house. I fixed breakfast for Jim, who is sick, too. Sorry, again, honey! Then, Joe and Rob set Jim's new flat screen TV up and working. Looks great! Thanks, guys! I slept most of the afternoon, not feeling too well myself. By 5:30 we were back at Dad's for dinner.

This is the clock I made for Rob to hang in his golf room. I see now that the hands are almost lost in the golf pattern on the fabric. It'll be a challenge to tell time!

Here is part of Leota's Christmas gift. We decided to exchange gifts tomorrow, Friday, since I wasn't quite through with it. Finished it tonight and even got a label embroidered. The back shows the triangles I sewed into the binding for hanging. <
This runaround purse went to a customer who spends her days in her wheelchair at the nursing home. She's sweet and has told me she doesn't want anyone else to do her hair, ever! lol

It's almost midnight and I still have to get clothes out of the wash. I don't have the luxury of being off tomorrow so I better get to bed. Hope everyone had a peaceful day!

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Fruit of her hands said...

Veronica~ Love all your crafts, just wanted to let you know that I started a new blog over here at blogger and I put you on my blog list...

Blessings to you, Joann