Friday, February 20, 2009

Betty Boop

The pattern for this bag is called "Too Foo Tote". So many pattern pieces! I enjoyed working with the Betty Boop and batik fabrics but the pattern pieces almost did me in. I'm used to just measuring a piece and go on. I know, the straps are pretty long. But, I plan on using this as my "BG" (baby Goff) bag (read, diaper bag), lol. The straps have to be long so I can carry the baby, too.

We had a nice dinner at Shogun's with Rob and April and Joe. It's so wonderful to have my kids in town! Thank You, Lord. Soon, we'll have another little one to show off at dinner!

It's time to shut this down and get to bed. With Jim being sick and Judy having a sinus infection, I feel as though I'm about to come down with something myself. Have a good Saturday!


Zlaty said...

The bag is adorable Veronica!
Another project done , you are so fast girl!

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica,
Once again, Im in awe of all you manage to accomplish. Its nice to see all your projects.
I really love the baby cute.

Anonymous said...

The bag is great. I like long straps myself. It annoys me to have something on a short strap over my arm. I want it on my shoulder and out of my way.

I hope you didn't get sick!