Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday post number two

After looking at my first Betty Boop bag, the diaper bag, I decided to change the straps. In doing so, I also wrote (with the sewing machine) the words "Betty Boop" onto the straps. I think it adds a nice touch and I like the batik colors I used instead of the red and white Betty Boop fabric I used the first time.
Now I have a change of pace. This quilt top, or flimsy, as some might call it, was brought to me by a client. It was made by one of her relatives and I have the honor of finishing it for her. Therein lies my problem. As you can see in the picture, the piece does not lay (lie?) flat. The red trim that runs all around the border has been appliqued by machine. I think that's what draws it up some. I'm wondering if I should remove it and try to square the whole thing up without the trim. Then again, I might just have to remove the entire border strips, put them on properly and maybe that will help it lay flat. I know if I ask Helen if it's ok to do that, she'll tell me to do what I think is best. I'll be looking for just the right backing to use on this. I will definitely look for a print to hide any mistakes I might make. lol

It's been a lazy Sunday. After working on the second Betty Boop bag, I did, in fact, take a nap and watch a movie, not necessarily in that order. I didn't get back out again since I will be out all day tomorrow. Another Lubbock Monday for Dad and me. I kind of look forward to these trips if only to get out of town even though it's just to go to a doctor's appointment.
I almost forgot to show you the Altoid tin I received in the mail. Linda made this one. Isn't it cute? I love it. She filled it with sewing notions and a piece of hard candy that Jim promptly made his own. lol He couldn't help it. It was one of his favorite kinds of candy. Thanks again, Linda!


Zlaty said...

The tin is adorable, lucky you Veronica!
I think you will have to reattach the borders on the quilt.
Also I like the new orange straps, but I wish I see them on the bag ;)

Have a nice day!

Suzy said...

It is hard to really tell how ruffled the borders really are. But is it possible to help smooth them by pressing them? If not, I would remove them and reattach otherwise, you might have a real mess trying to quilt it.

I love all the little shoes, the diaper bag and the altoid tin.

Suzy said...

As usual, all your project are adorable.

Have you tried pressing the borders? If they are not too ruffled, that may be enough. Otherwise, I think removing them and reattaching them would be the right thing to do. Good luck.

Franie said...

I would remove the borders and reattach if you can or add new ones. If the middle is laying flat that should work well. I think you said the top was thin also--that adds to the rippling effect. I quilted something that was done in that thin polyester one time and I thought I would scream a million times over. Good luck.