Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taking a break

I realized, again, that time has flown by so fast and I haven't blogged since Sat. or Sun. when I posted pictures of the shower. The evenings have flown by and all I've got to show for them are these little purses. I want to make one more to send to my step-granddaughters. One is having a birthday this month and it seems to me that I usually remember her birthday then drop the ball the rest of the year. So, my plan is to not only send a gift to the birthday girl, but to the rest of them, too. Good thing there are only four of them! lol

This is the bag I worked on last night. I wanted to do something a bit original and easy. I saw a bag with a pocket such as this one and thought it might be fun to try. I did't intend for the flap to be so big, but hey, it's another design element. This is a little purse that I've had the written instructions for a long time. There are no pictures with it so I was sewing blind there for a while. It's pretty cute. When it's all done, it forms extra little pockets on either side of the purse. The center opens big enough to put your keys and a wallet and lipstick, etc. Actually, it should be a bit bigger, according to the instructions, but this is all the quilted fabric I had on hand.
The strap posed a problem at first. I wasn't quite sure where to attach it (remember, no pictures to go by). I bought a length of this "leather" with the eyelets. Since it is black, I thought a ribbon woven through the holes, to match the bag somewhat, might be nice. I like the results.

I have one more bag to make tonight. It will be a simple one. I've got to get these in the mail by the weekend.

Dad is doing better. We've got one leg ulcer completely healed and the other one is getting very close. His back and hip pain seems to have been relieved with all the heat and cold compresses and the massages that Jim did for him over the weekend. Thanks for your help, Honey! I know Dad appreciates it, too.

Off to work! I really need a haircut...

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