Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This and that

These booties might look familiar but they are actually another pair I made tonight. I added ribbon to these just for fun. These are so addicting! I can't stop making them. I made a pair this morning before going to work since I'd taken BG's shoes to her momma and daddy last night. The pair I made this morning is for a little boy. I took them to work to have for "show and tell" so I'll have to bring them home to photograph them.

Judy's been wanting a sewing caddy since I made mine and April's. I was going to make one and give it to her for her birthday, but I couldn't wait. Click on the picture to get a closer look.


Wilma NC said...

Love those little shoes. I'm into baby stuff, looking forward to my great granddaughter coming in April. Where did you find the pattern for those? Also love the caddy.

Zlaty said...

The booties are adorable. What BG stands for? I know it's not Bulgaria, that is what I use BG for short :)))
The sewing caddy is cute too!
Happy sewing!