Thursday, February 05, 2009

Coffee Cozy

I've been wanting to try my hand at making a coffee cozy and when I stopped by for a cuppa yesterday, I realized I finally had my pattern. I brought the sleeve home and made a pattern. I embroidered my brother's name and the word "java". The two pics you see are actually one cup. If I make others, I think I'll make them a bit bigger to cover more of the cup. Henry will be so sick of seeing his name on everything he's getting for his b'day this year! lol I love my embroidery machine.

I'm up a little earlier today. I've really got to get my rear in gear a little faster. Not that I'm ever too late for work, but if only to be less stressed over my morning routine. So, time to get going. Have a great Thursday!


Wilma NC said...

I have a couple of the cardboard sleeves I brought home to make those too!! I just never made any. I need to get a machine thet embroiders, lol.

Amy said...

hiya I was wondering where I could find a pattern to make some.. any ideas?? thanks yours look nice have a great wknd

Zlaty said...

Hi Veronica, great job on the Coffee cozy! I have nominated you for a an award, please come on over!