Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another week gone by..

It's Saturday night. I found myself working on various small projects this week since I'd been waiting on my extension table (which I need to do any large quilting project). Good news for me! It arrived yesterday. I had spoken to the maker of the table and she was worried because she'd gotten notice of delivery. Unfortunately, it had been delivered back to her because it had been smashed! So, she made a new one and sent it right out. Can't believe how much I missed it. Anyway, while working on smaller projects, I did a little more of the Peek-a-boo pattern in the Fons and Porter magazine just to see if I could do it. I have lots of the pink fabric so I may just continue to add circles. Think I need to go get more yellow, though.

The blocks are made for a birthday block swap for the online quilt group, Quilters on Review. I used more of the focus FQ (supplied by the owner) for the first block than I had intended. Therefore, I only had small pieces left over and so I had to decide on a pattern that used smaller amounts of the main fabric. This pattern is called "Trip around the world". Found it in my EQ files. The star block is called "Plenty of Stars" from the book "Amazingly Simple Star Quilts". Easy, yes, but uses a lot of fabric! I can usually make two blocks from one FQ and still have some left over for a smaller block.

Had another good workout at the gym tonight. Don't think I'm going to lose as much, if any, weight this week like I did last week. That's ok. I'm happy with the workouts and still feel like I'm accomplishing something even if it doesn't show up on the scales.


Hedgehog said...

I love that star block!

Linda_J said...

Aren't those swap blocks cute--good use of the leftovers in the plainer block. Glad your table finally arrived after damage or rather anniliation, more like, return and replacement. Almost sounds like the a quilters version of the biblical plagues of Egypt, LOL. Soon you will be back to quilting then.