Thursday, September 21, 2006

Orphan blocks


Well, I had this entry all done and when I hit the button to publish it, I lost it all. So, suffice it to say that these blocks are orphan blocks left from a block of the month set that I never finished. I got these four quilted tonight and will probably do four more and put them together in two tablerunners. I'm going to use the reversible quilt method. I'll take them with me to display when I do my presentation at a local fabric shop next month. I get so excited when I get to show someone how to do this!

Jim is off the rest of the weekend so I guess I'll sleep in the spare bedroom tonight. I sleep much better with no noise in the room.

Linda, I have 10 more little quilts to finish for the Advent quilt. I put the bindings on 6 of them today. I had an hour with nothing to do at the shop and sewing the bindings on was much more fun than folding towels. lol

I'm tired. Off to bed. Let's hope it works when I click on the publish button! Posted by Picasa

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