Thursday, September 21, 2006

Routine week

Not much happening these days, except a little quilting, a little working and a whole lot of exercising. This week I've been working on my Advent quilt. I put bindings on 6 more little quilts. So, I only have 10 more to go! I think I'll finish the actual quilt tonight - the quilt that the little quilts will go on. It needs borders.

What a windy day today! I suppose the wind is bringing in the Fall weather. It's much cooler. I detest doing hair on days like this. The ladies can't get to their cars fast enough. Jim, the mailman, (and my husband) probably has not had a good day today. Chasing the mail on windy days is not his idea of a good time. Don't blame him. Only one more winter to live through before he retires next October. I think he read this morning that we will probably have more snow than usual this winter. Just what he wanted to read... If I remember correctly, the first winter he worked as a postman was a tough one. He trudged through nearly waist-deep snow at some points. That was when he walked the entire route, about 12 miles a day. Can you believe that?! He stayed in good shape then. Low blood pressure, low cholesterol, low weight - not that he has ever had a problem with that.

When I got home this afternoon, I had to fool with my router again. With the wind blowing, things get messed up, I guess. So, after re-setting and re-booting, I finally got everything up and running again. Have to be sure things are working properly so when Jim gets home he can check on his virtual golf game! lol Not to mention his poker game! Once I'm off to the gym, that's what keeps him company. Heck, who am I kidding? That computer keeps him company even when I'm home! Not complaining, though. I'm glad he's finally become a wanna-be computer geek. Well, maybe not a geek, but a computer-literate person. I'm very proud of the way he's learned to navigate the WWW.

Speaking of the gym, I'd better go change. It's cardio night tonight especially since we've had 2 nights, back to back, of weights. I'm a little sore in the shoulders. I'd rather be quilting, but, first things first!

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Linda_J said...

Probably not enough hair spray in the world to hold down hair on days like today, right?

Way to go on the little insert quilts for the advent quilt--how many yet to do?