Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Needle mishap

I hope you can see this. As I was moving along the seam, the sewing machine needle made the most awful noise and I realized it had broken. It had actually pierced the head of the pin I was using to hold the chenille project I was sewing. I never sew over pins but this one got lost in the fuzzy stuff! I tell you, I've never had such an adventure with fabric! lol The tip of the needle is embedded in the plastic head.

I've nearly got the main section of the chenille project put together. I was hoping to get it all sewn in order to clean up a little before the cleaning lady gets here tomorrow. I hate for them to vacuum the carpet in here until I get a chance to manually pick up as much thread as possible. I may tell them to ignore this room until next time.

Back to the chenille..


Patti said...

Veronica, that's what cleaning ladies are for!!!! I never throw thread on the rug on purpose - I have little trash boxes all around my sewing room, but I also don't worry if threads get on the rug. I figure if that room looks clean when they are done then they did a good job on the rest of the house! :-)

Linda_J said...

That is a new one, Veronica.

I had one break the other day and I think part of it headed toward my eye but I blinked it out.

My cleaning "boy", bless him, vacuumed up the sewing room yesterday while I was gone off the fabric shop. Pippi was hiding under his bed at the time so he did most of the house--rarely does he go any further in here than the doorway and to change Pippi's water bowl. The pins and threads might attack, LOL.