Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chenille and diets

After breathing in and brushing off green chenille fibers, I have completed the quilt. Well, it still needs quilting, but I'm going to have to do that later. I have two rows of quilting done, but I didn't make sure the flannel backing was stretched taut enough. So, I'm going to have to remove at least one row of stitching so I can do it right. Sheesh, why do I do this to myself? I get in too big a hurry and then it's two steps backward to get it done right.

I haven't worked on the Advent quilt this week. I'm ready to make a few more of the paper-pieced quiltlets. And, I still want to pull fabrics to do the Peek-a-boo pattern.

I have been journaling my food the past week. Not on this forum, but on a piece of paper since our "trainer" wanted to see what we eat in a week's time. "We" being my sis and me. Anyhoo, wouldn't you know it!? I lost 4 lbs. I knew I would lose some since that's the only way I've lost significantly in the past. When I'm writing it down, I just don't stick it in my mouth. So, I'll try it again for another week. I think the guy at the gym is ready to increase our routines based on our diet.

Wow, 10 p.m. already. Time flies when you work out from 7 to 9. By the time I get home I don't have much energy left to sew.

Update on my extension table...Not here yet! I called and the lady said she got a confirmation delivery for yesterday! Well, it's not here and Fed Ex said they didn't deliver anything to this part of town yesterday. I'm waiting for the gal to call me back with the tracking number so I can do my own sleuthing. Never had this much trouble.

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Linda_J said...

the breathing and brushing sound hazardous to your health, LOL. Do you have to use that special brush thing to fluff them up?