Thursday, April 19, 2007

8 year old picture

Wow, I can't believe it's been eight years since I had foot surgery! If you look really close, under the quilt, you can see my bandaged foot. I made this quilt for my granddaughter when she was born and she'll be eight in August. I think this is one that I handquilted, too. I think I made this one and the Sunbonnet Sue quilt around the same time.

Another day at the hospital with Dad. Were hoping that the chest tube comes out today. It has caused him more discomfort than anthing they've done so far. This beeping IV has caused ME more discomfort than anything else! LOL Thank goodness Dad can't hear that well. I think he thinks it's coming from the television so he just deals with it. I've learned how to silence the heart monitor, now if they'd just show me how to stop the IV from beeping!

He gave me a little bit of a scare this morning. After his potty break, they sat him in a straight back chair. He and I were just sitting here and he decided he was tired and wanted to go back to bed. Did he wait for the nurse, or even just me? NO He got his little butt up off the chair before I had a chance to jump over the bed to get there! Not really, I didn't jump over the bed. I was walking around the room when I turned and he was standing up, on his own, weaving a little. As I ran to get a hold of him, he sat back down. I think he just wanted to see if he could do it on his own. Still too weak, I say.

Judy ran home last night in order to take care of business today. As soon as she gets back this afternoon, I hope to go home for a few days. I'd like to work Friday and Saturday. We'll see...

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