Thursday, April 26, 2007

Joe's wolves

What fun I had making this little wallhanging. I used pieces of felted wool for the wolves, I think, that came in a stash of leftover fabric pieces given to me. I used fusible on the back of the pieces, cut them out and ironed onto a background. I can't remember now if I used invisible thread to sew the edges of the wolves. I really don't think I did since I didn't want to disturb the shaggy edge shape. It was a real challenge following the pattern, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Judy and I were able to get out of the hospital last night to get a decent night's sleep at the hotel. It was hard to leave Dad, but we felt comfortable with the group of nurses that were on last night. His room is right across from the nurses' station, so they kept an eye on him. We were especially worried because the night before, he had nearly propelled himself out of the bed. Judy and I both jumped from our chairs in time to stop him. Our hearts were pounding after that incident.

We have started talking about his long-term rehabilitation. Seems that they have a skilled nursing facility here where he can go even if he is on antibiotics. We found out this morning that his staph infection is, indeed, MRSA and found in his blood. They still don't know the origin, but, if you ask me, it came from the site of his chest tube insertion. Who knows...

He's been the hardest thing to wake up today. We got back to the hospital around 8 and it's nearly 10 now and he's still pretty zonked out. The nurse came in to give meds and then left when he saw we weren't making any headway with Dad. Guess he'll be back in soon and maybe he can wake him. I say, let him sleep. They told us he slept all night, but I wonder if that means from 9 p.m. or 3 a.m. If it's the latter, then he might not be waking up anytime soon.

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