Monday, April 02, 2007

Hospital party

I wrote this post just past midnight, April 1.

Today is my birthday. Well, April 1st was. I think this will post with the 2nd as the date. It's Dad's 4th day in the hospital. They implanted a defibrillator on Friday. He is doing well, but is still on the respirator. He is also still working to remove excess fluid from his lungs. So, the respirator will not come out until the lungs are clear.

Since today is my birthday, I was so hoping that Dad would open his eyes for us. He has been responding to commands such as, "squeeze my hand", "open your mouth", and my favorite, "stick your tongue out!" LOL Well, he finally opened his eyes this evening. Just for a very short time, but it is very promising. He seems to be recognizing our voices, but I think we're in this for the long haul.

I haven't been home since Thursday, so I haven't done anything remotely resembling quilting. The only "quilty" thing I've done is to receive a gift bag full of quilting supplies for my birthday from my friend, Deborah. She came to the hospital with a carrot cake, paper plates, forks and my bag full of FQs, assorted quilting notions, a Pink Ribbon travel mug, and a quilt magazine. Was not how I'd planned on spending my birthday, but with friends and family surrounding me, what more could I ask?

I better get to sleep. I sense it will be another long day tomorrow. I don't know when I will get home. Hopefully, I can make the 100 mile trip for one day and get clean clothes and see Jim. I think he's missing me a little bit.


Laurie Ann said...

Happy Birthday! Take some time for yourself for a little pampering. All this stress is tiring and you'll need your strength for your dad!!

Susan said...

I'm so sorry that you had to spend your special day in the hospital, but I'm so glad your dad opened his eyes for you, and that he's okay.