Monday, April 16, 2007

Gift quilts

When my oldest son's half sister had a little girl, he asked if I wouldn't mind making her a quilt. Mind?! Of course not. I made this quilt for Victoria when she was born and she is now almost 8 years old, I think. Her mom loves dolphins so this fabric just fit the bill.

The pink and green quilt was made as a going away gift for one of my hairdresser friends several years ago. I machine embroidered on some of the blocks and the other blocks were signed by all her co-workers. You can see a little bit of the embroidery in the close-up.

Day 19 in the hospital...I haven't been able to post in the last few days because I was having some technical problems here at the hospital. I was finally able to log into the site to post. Yesterday, April 15, Dad had a chest tube inserted to remove more fluid off the left lung. The thoracentesis that was done on Friday worked to some extent, but the fluid began to build back up. The lung doc said this morning that he felt sure it stems from the congestive heart failure. He does not see any tumors or anything that might indicate a malignancy. That's good news. So, now he will keep the tube in for a few days until it no longer is draining. What a ride we have been on!

I ran home Saturday afternoon, spent the night, turned around and came back to the hospital on Sunday because they were doing the chest tube. I spent the night with Dad last night while Judy ran home for the day. What a night! At 2 a.m. they gave him Ambien to try to help him sleep. WRONG! It had the exact opposite effect on him. I have not slept in over 24 hours now. He had me up all night. He was having hallucinations, talking gibberish, wanting to get out of bed to go home, yada, yada, yada..So far this morning, we have not had a moment's peace what with doctors, PT, bath and meals. Maybe after lunch we can both get some sleep.

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