Friday, April 13, 2007

Star of the Four Winds

The name of this quilt has always stuck with me. It is one of the most fun quilts I've ever made. Hmmm...I think I say that about all my quilts! lol This one was made for my friend, Leota, back in 1999 or 2000. Can't remember and I'd have to look at the label. It's an applique quilt made with fusible bonding. I cut the white pieces of the design with the fusible on the back and fused them in place on the red blocks. I would like to make another one someday with blue and white.

Update from the hospital...Dad had the thoracentesis done today. They drew off a quart of dark, straw-colored liquid. I told him it looked like ale with a foamy head! The renal doctor told him, "so, that's where you've been hiding that beer!" He is breathing much better and his physical therapy went very well today. He walked over 250 feet down the hall and back. His cardiologist from Clovis - the one we credit with saving his life - came to see him today. That was a nice surprise.

We still don't know the plan for rehab, if there is one. If he continues to improve as he has the last few days, I don't see why they won't release him to go home in a few days and have his PT there. I think I'm going home tomorrow to take care of things then come back on Sunday so Judy can go home and work on Monday. We're going to have to do a tag-team thing for a while.

It snowed in Clovis today! I wasn't there to see it, but everyone I talked to went on and on about it. Should get down to about 27 tonight, I hear.

I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I only got about an hour's sleep last night and napped for a few minutes today. Hope I can sleep tonight.


Linda_J said...

I remember that gorgeous quilt in the previous post from the gallery pages. LOL, it is probably one that I saved to my inspiration file but hey, I have a Veronica file as well. I should move it now that I know you made it.

I bet your dad will have a whole lot easier time breathing with that fluid pulled off his lung. I know DJ had to have one done just before he had his valve surgery. Thank heaven the pulmonologist took his complaints seriously because we were definitely spinning our wheels with the cardiologist who just wanted to do palliative things. GRRRRR

I hope your dad continues to improve each day so he can get on home. AND snow??? Geesh, the winter that won't quit, right?

Happy Valley Quilter said...

You must be completely exhaused, Veronica. What an amazing daughter you must be. I'm sure your dad appreciates your dedication. Take care!

There are few things that I love more than red and white quilts. Thanks for sharing the picture.

KCQuilter said...

Ohmigosh, that read and white quilt is a beauty!!! And so glad to hear that your dad is doing better. But sorry about the snow. It's the middle of April, for Pete's sake!!