Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just sitting here, thinking...

Sitting in a hospital room gives a person lots of time to think - and to go through pictures on the computer! I've been browsing through my picture album and realize there are many quilts I haven't shown yet. So, since I'll be here for a few more days, I'll post a few of my past projects.

This little quilt is one I made for my granddaughter. I can't tell you which magazine I got the pattern from since I'm not at home to look it up. It was a series so the instructions came out in two or three different issues. The pattern called for the dolls to be made as well, but after trying one, I knew I wouldn't have the patience to do more. So, I just bought little dolls to fit in the beds.

This little quilt I made for a hair client's new little granddaughter several years ago. I had the bear panels and just bordered them ala log cabin style. The border was new to me since I wanted to try something different. I found this ribbon style in one of my many books. I love the way it looks as though the ribbon is winding through the border

Dad's doing much better. Getting stronger by the day, but not by leaps and bounds. Well, actually, considering the shape he was in just a few days ago, it might be classified as leaps and bounds. Physical therapy came in today and had him sit up in a chair for almost two hours. He had lunch there then they came in with a special walker that allows them to tie him to it and help him walk. He was able to walk from the door of the room to the bed, about 20 feet. He was really tired. He likes the PT ladies 'cause they make him hug them in order to get him out of bed. lol

Time to help Dad with his breathing treatments. I hope we all get some sleep tonight. Henry and Shanon went home today so we'll miss him tonight.


Deborah said...

Glad to hear things are going better. I think he is improving by leaps and bounds since a little over a week ago the ER doc (I use that term loosely) thought he was already gone. I know you guys are getting tired. Keep hanging in there. I'll be coming to Lubbock on Monday for another Dr. appointment. Do you want me to load up your sewing machine?


Happy Valley Quilter said...

The doll quilt is simple adorable!

How wonderful that you can be there for your dad!