Sunday, April 29, 2007

My blonde era

Several years ago I decided it was time to try being a blonde. It worked for about 2 weeks and then I went back to my natural color. While a blonde, I made this, my first quilt-as-you-go project. It wasn't done the way I do the QAYG quilts now, but the squares were quilted first, then I attached them together with a quarter inch seam on the front and then hand stitched the back down. I gave this quilt to my co-worker, Carol, for her birthday that year.

Still at the hospital today, but now steps have been taken to begin the process of moving Dad into a rehab unit. That could happen as soon as tomorrow. We keep hearing conflicting reports as to how he's doing. For instance,the infectious disease P.A. came in yesterday and told us that the surgeon had seen fluid building up around the lung and might want to do another thoracentesis. Then, when we asked the heart doc and the lung doc about it, they both looked at us like we're crazy! Well, at this point, that's not a stretch, but still.. They both tell us he's doing ok, if not better! Who do we believe? At any rate, the doc who will sign off on moving Dad came in this morning to see him. He wants to put him in the long term acute care unit. Dad has not slept for 2 nights, again. Nor has he slept during the day. He's trying awfully hard to sleep right now, but his coughing is keeping him awake. He is so disoriented when he doesn't sleep. He doesn't seem to lose sight of who we are, just where he is and why he's here.

Henry is on his way from OKC as we speak. Once Dad is in the LTAC unit, maybe we can all relax a little. We can only hope. I would like to go home either today or tomorrow, but I really would like to see him settled in the rehab unit.


Norma said...

You make a cute blond! Seriously, I hope today sees your Dad settling into the rehab unit. Best wishes to you and your Dad!

Betty said...

love hearing 1st quilt stories
I'm a retired hairdresser too LOL I can date my work by style and or color LOL just different fibers~
Hope your dad's health improves

Susan said...

You looked good blonde. =) Love the quilt, too. I've not done a qyg. Seems like a lot of work. =)