Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sunbonnet Sue

My granddaughter was born in 1999. I decided she needed a Sunbonnet Sue quilt. I hand appliqued this one and hand quilted it as well. This is one of the few quilts I have hand quilted. Once I discovered machine quilting, I can't bear to spend all that time working on quilts "the old-fashioned way" when I can finish them faster with the machine.

We're still in the hospital with Dad. He walked twice today, first time about 60 feet, second time, 80 feet. He's working on filling his dance card to dance with the PTs and the OTs and the nurses! lol He did a little jig, sorta, while standing by the bed with the physical therapist holding on to him. He's feeding himself easily, he scratched off several lotto tickets that April brought him yesterday, he's able to sit on the porta-potty and his mental state is improving daily. It's been a real treat to watch his progress. We are still waiting on his cardiologist to come by today. Actually, he came by around noon when Dad was "indisposed" and said he'd return. He forgot to mention that it'd be tomorrow! We need an order from him to request the rehab people to come in for an evaluation. That probably won't happen until tomorrow, but I hope it's early enough to allow us time to go home for the night. Judy then plans to return on Friday and I will work Friday and Saturday and come back on Saturday night to spend the weekend. Hopefully, he'll be ready to go home by then. If not, then at least the early part of next week. Everything just seems to move at a snail's pace. Of course, they're still working on removing the fluid off his left lung. The right lung is fine now, they say. He must've just been drowning in fluids when we got him to the hospital!

Alright, enough of that. I've seen several movies since I've been here. This laptop has been the best thing we've bought in a long time. Thanks, honey! Speaking of Jim..I'm grateful that he's been home, holding down the fort and working, while all of this has been happening. He knows it's been hard on me and I know he wishes I could be home, but Dad needs us both right now. Once we get him home, my boys and homecare will play a bigger part in his care. But, I digress...Rob and April brought us tons of DVDs to watch on the laptops. I think they're mostly April's movies. Thanks! They've been a lifesaver. I watched a movie until nearly 4 a.m this morning between jumping up to help Dad.

Time to help with dinner. Hopefully, the next post will be from my sewing room, at home! If you don't hear from me in the next few days, it's 'cause I'm working, doing taxes, sewing, etc., etc...

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