Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Christmas stocking, or three!

Instead of going to bed early last night like I'd planned, I made Joe a stocking. He says his is in Oklahoma and I'm not sure it's going to make it's way back here this year. I couldn't let Christmas come and Joe not have a stocking! We thought I might have to make Robert another one since we couldn't find it last night. The boys and April came over to help me set up the tree. Turns out we had to run to WalMart to buy a 6.5', lighted tree. Anyway, Rob's stocking was in the piano bench! Now, how did it get in there? I've edited this post to include two more stockings I made today. April is into penguins this year and so I made them matching, sorta, stockings.

Back to Joe's stocking...I had this border panel left from something else I'd made and I knew it'd come in handy someday. I thought the gingerbread men are perfect for Joe since they're so dapper-looking, just like Joe likes to be. I don't think I've ever seen him wear a bow-tie, though. lol And, I couldn't wait to use my embroidery machine again to "write" his name on the cuff. I think it's time to make new stockings for Robert and Jim and certainly one for April. Maybe Judy needs one, too? Mine is new since I made it last year.

Talked to Dad a few minutes ago. He and Joe were up early and had their breakfast. He sounds wonderful. He's waiting for the "Catholic Church lady" to come by with Communion.

Time to get breakfast. I'm feeling a little better than yesterday. I was afraid I was really coming down with a bad cold. I drank EmergenC and had to take some Benadryl allergy meds. Maybe it is just allergies... I thought cold weather was supposed to get rid of those allergens that made you sneeze and have watery eyes.


Franie said...

Cute! and hung by the fireplace with care...

Susan said...

I love the stockings and think that gingerbread man was the perfect fabric for one! You are really having fun with that embroidery machine.