Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gift revealed

Leota and I have exchanged gifts at Christmas every year since we started working together. That was almost 24 years ago, I think. During the aftermath of the tornado that demolished her trailer this past year, the red rag quilt I made her a while back was used to cover her tenant who had been blown around with the mobile home. She has not received it back as of this date, so I decided she needed another one. I didn't take a picture of the label, but in one corner, I embroidered, "Return to Leota". LOL She said, "I won't be loaning this one out!"
After stating that I was taking a break from the sewing machine last night, I was thumbing through another quilt magazine. I really need to stop doing that. lol I found the pattern for this grab bag and thought it might make up really nice as a little gift for Brittany. Judy said, "She can carry a lot of stuff in that one!" It's really not too big, only about 16" x 11" and 8" of the 16 is handle. Two little strips of fabric on the inside to make a few little pockets and a tissue cover, with tissue, to start her off right.
Almost done with the redwork block I was working on last night. It's another candy cane, Susan. A little bear is holding it. Okay, I'm off to get dressed and head on over to Dad's to fix breakfast.

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Susan said...

What a great gift! Actually, the quilt and the bag. Leota is a lucky woman - she got another quilt. Brittany is lucky, too. She'll love the butterflies, I bet. I'm smiling, thinking of you sitting in a chair stitching on the candy cane. I'll love it, I know!