Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Colors for Christmas Day

After having our lasagne dinner, Brittany, Judy, April and I sat down and colored these blocks. I traced the pictures onto muslin just before I left for Dad's in hopes that we'd have time to color them. We did and I brought them home, ironed them to remove the excess wax, and now I can't wait to put them together in a quilt. The blocks depict the 4 Seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Notice that Brittany even put rosy cheeks on her sledders! We all signed our blocks except for April because she left before I thought about doing that. I'll get her to sign it next time she's here.

The wind is picking up outside and we are threatened with a winter weather advisory tonight and part of tomorrow. We'll see how that affects my going to work at 9 a.m. I pray that everyone had a joyous, peaceful Christmas and looking forward to a wonderful New Year!


Susan said...

That's going to be just adorable! I can hardly wait to see how you finish it. Will that be tomorrow? =)

Patti said...

A Merry Christmas to you too, Veronica! I left you a comment a few days ago - finally getting caught up on my blog reading - but it was returned as undeliverable email (?). I'm so glad your father is finally doing so very well. What a wonderful Christmas gift for all of you.

Morah said...

These are too cute. Are they plain ol' ordinary crayons? CUTE, CUTE!