Sunday, December 30, 2007

A view from my chair

As I look up from my Bernina, here's what I'm seeing on my design wall now. I saw a pattern in one of my books for a very simple setting. They used hand-dyed fabrics and in the center block, they stamped a big flower. So, I thought, "why not just use a focus fabric, kids' designs in this case, and build around it. Works great. The blocks are 18" square and I think I'll make two lap-size quilts with the twelve blocks I'll end up with. I will probably border them with a 4 or 5" border. Haven't decided what to use, yet. I'd like these quilts to go to children who were in a fire near Albuquerque. Their home burned down on Christmas morning and one of the girls is badly burned. I'll probably need to contact the TV station to find out where to send these to. There were three children involved so I have another top that someone bought at a garage sale so I'll get that one quilted, too.

Jim and I had a nice dinner at Chili's last night. Although, the salmon was overly seasoned, I thought. I'm not much for using salt, and it was pretty salty. But, the rest of the meal was good. Time to run to WalMart for the traditional Slim Fast purchase for New Year's! LOL


Norma said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt idea. Something like an I Spy is perfect for the child you mentioned in your post who has likely got a long road to recovery ahead of him/her. I think I should also be headed out for the Slim Fast purchase for New Year's. This past holiday season was particularly tempting for me!

Gail said...

Isn't it amazing how the really simple ones make such great quilts? It is very thoughtful of you to make quilts for these kids, I'm sure they will enjoy them very much.

Susan said...

That's going to be a great quilt - or two - and how nice that you are making them for those poor children in Albuquerque. I think that might be the way to use some of the Americana prints that have come my way for AmHero quilts, too. Thanks for the idea!