Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Quilt labels

This label and the one I made for Rob and April's DWR were made with an online program called "Made-by Labels" I thought someone might enjoy making their own with these easy to follow directions.

This is a close-up of the quilting I did on the DWR tablerunner. Please ignore any markings you might see since they have since disappeared due to the ink I used. :-) Notice the binding? It's not really binding. I sandwiched the top, batting and backing and sewed all three pieces together, then turned it inside out. Here's how I did it...I laid the top and the backing (lining), right sides together and the batting on top of the backing. I then sewed the same distance away from the edge of the top pattern (as evenly as possible) all around the piece, cut off the excess, turned it inside out and top-stitched about 1/4" all around. I hand-sewed the opening shut. Then I quilted the entire piece. A few years ago I made several of these that way. I'm glad I remembered how! LOL Not to worry, Joe!


akinaustralia said...

I need help please. Understand about laying the front, next the back, then the batting, but when ever I do that It is even on the side. Why do you get the overpal like a binding? It is a beautiful quilt. Kathy

Susan said...

What a lucky couple. That is a fabulous table runner in beautiful colors. Love the label!