Sunday, April 20, 2008

While watching the Pope...

With the television on in the background, I have been praying and thread playing today. I had ordered a DVD called "Free Motion Fun With Feathers" and it came in the mail yesterday. I think I'm going to like this... I practiced with two sandwiched pieces and had a blast. I have several tops that need quilting and have waited, hoping that eventually I can do something like this on these quilt tops that are folded and hanging in my extra closet. I know I have a lot more practice to get this where I really want it and I need to study up on the types of threads out there. I am hooked on the metallic thread, though. But, I think I need to find a heavier thread made especially for this type of sewing. Is there a perle cotton that the sewing machine can handle? See, I really need to look into this.
Time to dry my hair and get ready to go visit with Dad. I think he's been watching the Pope all day, too.

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