Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ready for borders

Quilted and ready for borders! Here is the large kaleidoscope (stack-n-whack) that the leftover triangles came from that I used in the mini version a few posts ago. I put this one together in three sections with the quilt-as-you-go method. Once I attached the front of each section, I handstitched the back to cover the two seams. Much easier to deal with than trying to quilt it all at once. Once I attach the borders, that's all that will be under the sewing machine for quilting because the bulk of the quilt will be rolled up and to the left of the machine. (and, over my shoulder :-)


Anonymous said...

This quilt is beautiful. I love it. It would look wonderful at the end of my bed...hint, hint, (LOL)
Kathy at the Blig Blog

MakesMeSmile said...

Bautiful! And so nice of you to make it for me! Do you need the spelling on our last name for the label?

Susan said...

Oh, wow, that's so beautiful, seeing it all together that way. You've really developed this quilting on the small machine into a major talent!