Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to....ME!!

It's been a long week since Easter and now it's my birthday. And, that's no April Fool's joke! lol Let's see...since last week's post, we had Dad in the hospital from Tuesday until Saturday. Guess I jumped the gun when I posted his picture showing how "good" he looked! They admitted him for pneumonia, but ultimately, his problem is gallbladder disease. He does have some stones and they would like to operate, but his primary physician is hoping we can deal with it with the right diet. We'll see...

And, big news! I've finished the DWR!! Okay, still tacking down the bindng to the back, but that's good as done! Even the label is on. I'll post a good picture of the finished quilt as soon as I'm done with the binding.

The second label is one I made for my niece's baby's quilt. Can't remember if I've posted a picture of that one. It's a rail fence block with appliqued baseballs and footballs. We were going to go to OKC for the baby shower this weekend, but we need to stay close to Dad, just in case.

I've had a phone call from a cousin this morning, several e-cards from friends and relatives, and a card on my laptop from my husband with a gift certificate to get my nails and a pedicure done! I was surprised! Thanks, honey!

Off to shower to start my birthday day!


Winona said...

Happy birthday to you! I hope you have a good day. Hope your dad gets better soon. Love your blog.

MakesMeSmile said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Love those labels


Shelina said...

Happy birthday Veronica. Both these labels are so cute - I generally just wind up writing something on a fabric pen - but I really must take the time to make a good finishing touch.