Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yes, buttonholes! I've had this super-duper, deluxe, professional, does-everything-machine and I have never used the buttonhole feature. You can't imagine how easy they are to make! You simply place the button of choice into the button holder at the back of the buttonhole foot and the machine sews the buttonhole to the precise fit. I love it!
Here is my first try at it. I didn't cut the excess thread, but you can see how pretty the stitching is. You then take your thread cutter and, very carefully, slice the opening for the button.

I made tabs for the snowmen calendars and added the buttonholes. I decided it will be easier to unbutton the tabs to hang the mini-quilt on any hanger we choose.

Time to get to work on the shower quilt. I've got something else in mind, but I can't show it yet.


Wilma NC said...

Nice. I don't make buttonholes very often, but I did start using mine to sew on buttons. I guess we should always play with our machines, lol.

Anonymous said...

Your snowmen are too cute. YOu did a nice job and the buttons add a little detail to the tabs. Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Barb