Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, April!

After a nice dinner at Juanito's last night, I can now show you April's gifts. She opened them while we were waiting for food. I wish I'd taken pics of the gift wrapping. Judy had the bright idea of wrapping her gift to her in a fat quarter of fabric and I had to use a whole yard. That way, she had an additional gift on the outside of the gift!
This is a sewing caddy that goes under her sewing machine. I just love the one I made for myself. I have it under my machine at Dad's.

Here you see the photo album cover I made for her. I'm late for work. Write more later...


Anonymous said...

Great gifts. I especially like the machine caddy. The word "Chocolate" didn't escape my eyes!

Wilma NC said...

I love the caddy. My birthday is January 15......LOL.