Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

No, I did not watch it today. I caught it all tonight on FOX. Okay, we have a new president and we must hope and certainly, pray, pray, pray for the best. But, really, was it necessary to boo President Bush AND Mrs. Bush as they leave office? How rude can Americans be? Regardless of your political bent, you have to give President Bush his due. I won't go into it all here but suffice it to say that we must realize and admit that the presidency is not just one man. President Bush alone did not get us to this point in history and President Obama alone cannot and will not fix it on his own.
I am ashamed of all the disrespect President Bush endured during his term. I thank him for being a man of honor, conviction and integrity. Enjoy your retirement, President and Mrs. Bush! You've earned it.

I'll climb down off my soapbox now and sit back at my sewing machine. Well, I've already been there tonight and finished a little makeup bag to go inside the black and white bag you saw in the previous post.

I think I've found a new pattern for a makeup bag I really like. Didn't it turn out nice? That's a satin lining, too. ooolala!

I've also finished two more redwork snowmen. It will be a cinch to quilt them and set them aside to have ready for gifts.


Gina said...

Love the make up bags.
I've yet to get around to doing my stitchery

love and hugs Gina xxx

Fruit of her hands said...

Veronica~ I decided to do the same thing with the Calendar BOM I am making 6 sets of them for Christmas gifts, I figured since they were so easy and didn't take much time to embroider that I could do 6 each month and then by the time Chirstmas comes around I will only need to do the December ones and I will have 6 gifts ready to go.. Great minds think alike don't we??

Anonymous said...

You could not have said it better. I felt so sorry for President and Mrs Bush.

Wilma NC said...

We watched the swearing in while at a little restaurant for lunch. It was quite touching. I don't think that people should "boo" Bush, but I,for one, am so glad that he is out of office. But I like having you for an internet friend, so I won't go into my reasons, lol.

Jenn Baker said...

It was so refreshing to read this post!!....I agree with you wholeheartedly in all you said, especially about the presidency not being about "just one man"! Regardless of preferred party, each person needs to give full support and PRAYER to our current leader and grace to the former! THANKS - jenn

Zlaty said...

Hi Veronica, I agree with you! I did watch it because I was home and I was curious to see the ladies dresses :), but I must of missed the booing. It's not nice! We will see what the new president will do ...
That is a very cute make up bag!

Happy sewing!


Lisa said...

I still cant believe people where so rude to Mr and Mrs Bush.I have a feeling had the situation been reversed and it was Obama leaving office that would not have happened.I like your make up bag it is adorable.

Zlaty said...

Tag your it!

Veronica, I have tagged you for Six Picture Meme, come on over!


Franie said...

I was very upset with the booing. I am scared to death with the news coming out now in just a week from inauguration. I am glad you have spoken ouy about it. Your work is always fabulous V!