Monday, January 26, 2009

Seeing spots

After careful deliberation and lots of false starts, I think I've decided on the baby shower quilt.
Here you see the squares and circles laid out before sewing. Well, the strips are sewn from top to bottom, therefore I can't really make any changes in the block settings. Once I had these on the wall, I had a moment of panic. There are no spaces on which the guests can write their names! Wait, if I get them to sign inbetween the dots on the squares...I think that will work. I have sewn fusible interfacing on the backs of the circles, turned them inside out and so I have finished edges that will be easier to applique. Now I wish I'd scattered the large dot squares throughout the quilt, but...
This was my first trial with the circles over the squares. The blues needed to be arranged differently but, again, they're sewn in such a manner that won't allow me to place them in a different spot. Oh will make a nice comfort quilt. I was just following the pattern directions! And, if I choose to "unsew", I've been known to never finish a project.

Looks like we've got a cold snap after the beautiful warm days we've had. Since we don't have to go to Lubbock today, I asked Jim if we could plan a "date" for breakfast. So, I better get my mailings ready and get dressed so we can bundle up and go get something to eat. Happy Monday, ya'll!


Franie said...

Those pop! I love 'em!

Amy said...

I love the polka dots, even though they make me dizzy. or maybe it is the wellite I use. thanks for sharing,Amy