Friday, January 23, 2009

Lotta sewin' goin' on

Since Rob and April have decided to decorate BG's (baby Goff's) room in circles and dots, I'm trying to decide on a pattern for the shower quilt. I played in my sewing room last night trying to come up with a suitable block. Here you see a rough draft.
I cut different sized circles and sewed them on a background. I felt there was not enough interest in these particular blocks so I cut them up in fourths and rearranged into the blocks you see below.
I thought the center area would be where people can sign their names. But, since these are not the colors I will ultimately use, Judy suggested that the outer rings be done in bright primary colors. Well, shoot. That means another trip to Hobby Lobby or WalMart. LOL

By the way, if you click on Rob and April's blog in my sidebar, you can see ultrasound pictures of BG. You can already tell she's beautiful!

I promise this is the last picture of the black and white collection. In the big purse, the birthday girl will find two eyeglass cases, a makeup case, a tissue cover and a tea wallet. She'll be seeing spots for days! lol

Just to keep you informed on the Dad front..he's doing well. His only outings are to doctor's appointments, but with the weather seemingly getting warmer, I'd like to get him out to walk a bit. Of course, it will probably turn colder now that I've decided that. Have a good weekend!

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Gina said...

Love the bag collection. The quilt design looks great.

Love and hugs Gina xxx