Sunday, March 29, 2009

The day after Rob's birthday..

Happy Birthday, Robert! Well, yesterday. I was going to post a baby picture of Rob, but I didn't get around to scanning one today. Not that I did anything exciting today, except get taxes done, so I thought I'd post a few pictures we took last night at Dad's. I'm still having trouble believing my baby is 25 years old!
Here are the brothers with Uncle Joe holding Kerrington.
We've been trying to get a four-generation picture but our cameras are not cooperating. This is the only pic that came out halfway decent. Maybe Joe can work on getting us a more professional-looking one.

I went to Dad's this morning to fix breakfast. He was actually doing a lot better than he has been. He walked, very strong, to the kitchen. I talked to him on the phone a couple of times during the day and he sounded very strong and animated. I told him I was being lazy today and that I would run to WalMart tomorrow. He was okay with that.

If you hop on over to April and Rob's blog (link in sidebar) you can see pictures of Kerrington's first day at church and their four-generation picture. Very nice. Makes me sad that I have been remiss in my church duties. I'm glad her parents are church-goers. Will be praying for April's grandmother tomorrow when she undergoes brain surgery.

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Amy said...

so glad to hear your father is doing ok. the pictures are very nice. I don't have pics of me or my daughters being the 5th generation, so something is better then nothing.*smile*