Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Waiting, waiting...

I don't know if it's worse waiting for a baby to make an appearance on her own or knowing what time she'll be here. Tomorrow morning is the big day. Rob and April will head to the hospital early, early and we won't be far behind. Once they get April prepped and ready for the C-section, we should be well encamped in the waiting room. We both have been nervous all night long! So hard for us to believe our baby boy is having a baby of his own. I know that April's folks must feel the same way. But, that's life and we are so excited to welcome the new, little life into ours.

I haven't been able to concentrate on much tonight so I decided to make another pair of booties. These are reversible booties (click on the words to get to the site) then scroll down and find "free patterns" on the right side of the page. They're called "Bitty Booties". They're not as cute as the others I've made, but they're REVERSIBLE! lol

Judy insists that I find a way to put bows on them. I told her, they're REVERSIBLE! lol Maybe a removable bow...
This book was waiting on the front porch when I got home today. Coincidence? I think not! Yeah, yeah, I've ordered all books baby-themed that were thrown my way. I'm sure I'll outgrow this phase and go on to toddler then young lady patterns. lol The new baby has enough quilts, I think. But, there are still a couple more I plan to make.

It's almost 10 p.m. and I still need to get my clothes together for the morning. We got Jim ready and now I must press my jeans. Gotta look good for pictures with BG! Surely by tomorrow night we'll know her "real" name! If not, she'll be "BG" until we do. Or, sweetie, baby doll, punkin, etc... Off to dream of sweet-smelling, smiling babies.

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Zlaty said...

wow, it's almost time!

Breathe, breathe :)), breathe Veronica!
I am looking forward to see the pictures and the name! :)

Try to relax and enjoy the day!

Hugs: Zlaty