Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little bit of sewing going on

Last night (Monday) was spent making this black and white purse for a client. She loved it, but I had to bring it home and add a cell phone pocket. I'd forgotten that she'd requested that.

This is the denim quilt I'm working on for a client. The center of the quilt is a panel from one of those flags you wave at the games. It was actually a double-sided flag so I have another panel that I will turn into a pillow.

Here you see the back of the center of the Bronco quilt. I can't believe I found the perfect orange. The sashings are just a plain navy blue, front and back.
The pile of blocks is only about half of what I will add to the center. I'm just stitching an X on the blocks to "marry" the denim and the orange flannel. I hope to have all the blocks sewn by this weekend and maybe I can start putting them all together next week. The quilt needs to be done by May, but I really don't want to put it off. Dad's doing ok right now, so I need to do as much as I can while he doesn't need me after the caregiver goes home. Once I get his lunch and visit with him for a couple of hours, I get him to bed for a nap and I come on home. Most days, that is. Sometimes I stay with him until Joe or Judy get there.

Wow, I got a bit off subject there, didn't I? Anyway, looking forward to seeing Kerrington, Rob and April on Saturday, Rob's birthday. Still wondering what I should get him for his 25th birthday. 25??!! I'm still in denial..lol

I probably won't post again until after the weekend. Then again, I may have something to say between now and then.


Fruit of her hands said...

Veronica~ You are so young, My daughter will be 28 in May. Now you know I am old as dust!!!

Love the purse and the blanket is just okay, I mean your work on it is fabulous jus the team choice is wrong (Ha ha)

Have a great Wednesday..

Zlaty said...

Hi Veronica,
You are the purse queen! :)
That's is a very smart way to sew the dinim quilt. If I got it right you add the denim squares, bating and orange flanel for backing and then put them toghether with sashing?
I love the orange and the jeans! My hubby loves orange, maybe i should make him one too!


Millie said...

Veronica, Zlaty send me over to your blog. And I am so happy she did. I love the purses, but the jean quilt realy caught my eye. I made so many jean quilts for my kids and they love the. Their favorite part is the pockets, which they refer to as the secret pocket.