Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Thank you, Zlaty, for checking up on me! lol I did notice that it's been a week since I've blogged. The above picture is what I've been doing. But, there have been other things happening inbetween...

I've made two more sets of bibs and burp cloths, and three more "bibs only" for friends.
I still want to make a few more, but I've got other, more pressing, projects to attend to. For instance, I've signed on to make a jeans quilt for a client and to finish a quilt for another. Oh, and to work on the March redwork wallhangings.

Now, the main reason I haven't blogged or sewn more. Those of you who read notes on QOR have read this, so you might want to fast forward. :-) I spent two nights with Dad since my oldest son (who lives with him) was out of town for a few days. Well, after watching him get to and from the bathroom about 5 times on Saturday night and early Sunday morning, I slept for a few minutes before waking up again. Across the hall, in his room, I noticed that the walker was slightly askew and not where it should be if he's in bed. I got up and what did I find? He's laid out on the floor!! Apparently, he had been on his way to the potty, again, and he just fell backwards. He's ok, let me add quickly. Anyway, I tried to wake him as he lay there. I could tell he was breathing, but he wouldn't respond. I dialed 911 (I have no hesitation doing that anymore) and tried to wake him while waiting. He finally came around before the EMTs arrived but he seemed a bit out of it. The guys came in and took all his vitals and they were good (the vitals). Finally, the EMT working on him said, "Ma'am, what do you want us to do?" LOL That's what they're here for! How did they expect me to make a decision with adrenaline raging through my body? At any rate, I told them we'd wait since we were supposed to go in to the hospital for an antibiotic infusion.

Long story short...(too late, huh? lol). We have decided that the new antibiotic he's on, two infusions so far, has begun to have an adverse effect. We decided we did not want to wait as long as we did the last time an antibiotic rendered him nearly immobile. I called the doc in Lubbock who prescribed it and he agreed. So, no more antibiotic until further notice and we'll have someone with him around the clock until we get him back to his old self.

On Monday morning, his homemaker and I took him to have his leg bandages changed. Then we stopped by the chiropractor's office so Dad could have an adjustment that he sorely needed after the fall. Well, the good doctor took one look at him and decided Dad needed a CT scan. We left, drove to his heart doctor's office and that doc concurred, called the ER for us and off we went to the hospital. We spent all day in the ER while they did a CT scan, x-rays of his hips, blood work, etc. Everything came back negative! Thank You, Lord. But, the question remains, why are his legs still not working very well? So, after talking to the chiropractor again, we all feel that the spinal stenosis that he suffers from is acting up again, big time. Funny thing is that he doesn't seem to have much pain, just weakness in the knees and hips. I'm not sure what the next step will be. In the meantime, we have someone with him around the clock just to make sure he doesn't fall again.

I need to use my time wisely and it's already 8 o'clock. I planned on tracing the March stitcherys (my spell check says this is the write way to make "stitchery" plural) so I can have something to work on at Dad's in the afternoon. No more coming home by 3 or 4, at least for a while. So, now that I've had your attention for a few minutes, I'll let you get back to what you were doing. :-)


Wilma NC said...

Your March block is cute!! I have mine layered and quilted, just need to sew on the binding. I love these!!

Zlaty said...

Thank you for the update Veronica!
I am glad your dad is OK!
I knew you are working on projects! :)) I love your March calendar!
You mention you are transferring the March stitchery's for hand work, do you use permanent pencil for that? You can write to me when you have a minute I can imagine how busy you are! God bless you and your family!
I have an ear pain today and i hope to go away soon!
Have a lovely day!
Happy sewing!