Monday, March 16, 2009

Restful weekend?

I don't like to have a post without pictures, but it has been a busy weekend, with no pictures taken. Mostly because I am out of AA batteries for my camera. lol But, I have posted a picture of a quilt I'll tell you about later in this post.

I spent the weekend at the local Home and Garden show. My director and I set up our Scentsy and had a very productive, er, lucrative, two days. I'm not sure how many people passed through the doors the two days but we were told that there had been 1900 paid entrants on Saturday alone. That's not bad for little ol' Clovis!

I want to thank those of you that helped me get through the two days. Leota, who took care of my Saturday clients and came out on Sunday to take over my spot while I ran to the high school to eat lunch. The church was having their annual St. Patrick's day dinner. Joe, who also came out for a while to help with the crowd (I thought he might be a good draw for the young ladies since he's such a good-looking charmer with his curly hair and stands tall above the crowd, lol). Judy, who picked me up on Sunday to go to the dinner and brought me back to the show. And, last, but certainly not least, thanks to Jim for keeping the home fires burning and helping Rob and April and Kerrington get home and for getting me to the show in the first place with all my "stuff" and for checking up on me periodically to make sure things were running smoothly.

On Saturday, I had to leave Natalie and her daughter alone for a few hours while I picked Dad up to take him to the ER. He was having quite a bit of pain in his right shoulder and arm and couldn't move it without excruciating pain. It had been getting progressively worse for the last three days, so I thought it was time to go. They thought at first that it was a bad case of osteoarthritis but then the ER doc called me back later to tell me he and another doc had reviewed his case and they think he has a torn rotator cuff. Oh boy. Oh, Joe helped me get him to the ER and once Judy arrived to relieve me, I headed back to the H & G show. They gave Dad a shot that greatly relieved his pain and he was able to move his arm later that night and yesterday. I will probably still have to take him to see another doc concerning the shoulder if it continues to be bothersome.

Okay, back to the picture of the quilt. I made this quilt the year Mom died. I showed her the finished top at Easter (she died in Dec.) and her first comment was, "You should give this one to the church". I finally got it quilted not too long after she left us but I could not bear to part with it. After sitting on a shelf at Dad's for nearly four years, it has found it's way to the church. One of the Altar Society ladies asked me to help make a quilt for a raffle they wanted to hold to raise money for scholarships and new church pews. As soon as she said that, I knew what I would do. I told her I already had a quilt for them. She was ecstatic, to say the least. They had it hanging at the St. Patrick's Day dinner, which was the reason I really wanted to have lunch there yesterday. I think they are selling a lot of tickets.

The new family is doing well. I didn't get to see little Kerrington yesterday but I suppose that's ok. They need time to adjust to being at home and seem to be doing very well on their own. Daddy Robert had a busy night Saturday night, they tell me. They'll get the hang of it.

Time to pay some bills and get ready to go to Lubbock. Have a good week, ya'll!

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Amy said...

sounds like a busy but smooth weekend. the quilt is very nice.