Saturday, May 05, 2007

Another pillow

This pillow was made for a coworker to give to her parents.

Is this Saturday? It is so easy to become disconnected with the outside world when you spend day after day in a hospital room. I can only imagine how Dad must feel! He had his third dialysis treatment this morning. They are giving him three treatments in a row to begin with then will follow with one every other day, I think is what I heard. This will be until his kidneys begin to function better on their own. They tell us his condition is acute and not chronic. Of course, it all remains to be seen. But, we are still optimistic. The first day of dialysis, he lost 7 pounds of fluid. The second day, 10.5 pounds. We haven't heard how much he lost today. That makes a total of almost 40 pounds lost since we got here 5 weeks ago. He is so thin now. He probably doesn't even remember ever weighing 185 pounds! He's not very vocal right now. He responds to our voices but doesn't say anything. It's like his vocal cords are too tired to work. We also found out this morning that his white blood count is up again. The infectious disease doc just stands at the foot of his bed and shakes his head. I hope he's smart... The chest x-rays showed some improvement today, though. If it's not one thing, it's another.

We also found out this week that my husband's brother is in a hospital in Louisiana with possible heart failure and sepsis. It sounds so much like what Dad has and Bobby's not in a hospital where they have lots of specialists like where we're at. Jim's sister is beside herself worrying about him. More prayers needed..

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Linda_J said...

The pillows turned out well, Veronica. I can see how you had plenty of customers snapping them up since they were so personalized. Your mom and dad one, of course, has a lot of sentimental value--what an attractive couple.

When it rains, it pours, right? Hang in there. Sending positive vibes your way that the doctors can get a handle on what is going on.