Sunday, May 27, 2007

Back in Lubbock

But, in a different room! After 8 weeks, we are finally moved. Dad has been moved to the floor they call SNF (Skilled Nursing Floor). It's got a nursing home feel in that there are no monitors, they have an activities director, the doctors don't come by as often and they serve meals extremely early. The room is much bigger so we have room for a cot and two recliners. My boys came up yesterday and spent the night with me in the room with Dad. Good thing, too. Dad did not sleep much. He was coughing up mucus all night and asking to get on the bedpan all night long. I think we all finally got to sleep around 5 and I was awakened at 7 with dietary bringing in breakfast. He is not wanting to eat things he doesn't like which is most of the food they bring him. Don't know how we're going to get him to eat more protein.

These are Michele's blocks. The first one is called "Star in a Frame" and the second one is "Wyoming Valley". I only have one more set to make before I complete my obligation with this round of QOR Birthday blocks. I'm going to have to take a break from these little swaps for a while. I enjoy them so much, but since I also am in charge of the Lotto Exchange, I better concentrate on one thing at a time for now.

Judy just got here with lunch for all of us. Don't know if they'll have Dad do anything today so we sat him on the edge of the bed and I cut his hair and he did his exercises.


Susan said...

How great that he is in a little more relaxed environment. For protein what about something like Ensure? Could you fool him into believing it's a milkshake, if you put in some ice cream? Or maybe he can't have milk products?

The blocks are gorgeous. I was thinking about you when I was pinning quilts up the other day, because I was using the pincushion you sent me. =)

Shelina said...

It must be tough taking care of your Dad. I'm glad that he is in a more relaxed environment.

These blocks are great! I can understand you wanting to take some time off froms waps though.

Take care.