Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday, I think

We're still here at the hospital. Since Dad's little backslide, things have been progressing slowly. The infection seems to have been beaten back but now his kidneys are needing help. They tranfused him with blood last night and today they took him in for a dialysis treatment. They'll do this for a while to see if they can get things back on track. It sure seems like an uphill battle, but prayers have been the best weapon we have and they are definitely working. Thank you all who have sent your thoughts and prayers.

I was able to run home last night for the evening. I had so much to catch up with concerning QOR and I got that done. I had to draw for the winner of the April block lotto and get my bingo FQs mailed off. I played bingo last month and won the second blackout (10 beautiful batik FQs). Can't wait to get them!

The picture I have on today's blog is a pillow I made for Mom and Dad when I first started quilting. I put the pictures on with the transfer method - printing the pictures on the transfer then ironing them onto the fabric. The picture is one taken on their wedding day in 1954. I have made several of these pillows and call them "Anniversary Pillows". I actually sold quite a few back when I was first making them.

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