Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catching up at home

The next set of birthday blocks belongs to Cindy. These are called "Double T" and "Plenty of Stars". She is making a red and black quilt. I hope these fit the bill.
Here is almost half of the baby afghan I started Thursday afternoon while in Dad's room at the hospital. I haven't worked on it while at home. I'll save it to finish when I go back to Lubbock this weekend. I have too many other things that need doing, like three more sets of birthday blocks. I'd like to get them done before I leave Saturday afternoon.

I had a busy day at work. As usual, it was SO nice to see all my clients! And, my wonderful co-workers brought lunch in honor of my birthday, even though it's been a month and a half since my birthday. They've been waiting for me to be at work in order to bring their delicious potluck offerings. Dolores brought posole, Clint brought chicken spaghetti, and there was a hamburger stew, green beans, fried chicken, garlic bread and a luscious chocolate cake. Do I have great friends, or what!

Judy is with Dad until Saturday. He had dialysis today and we still don't know when they're moving him to the long term facility. He was very weak today but that's what dialysis does to him. One of the docs diagnosed him as a bit anemic, so he had a blood transfusion.

Time to eat a bite. It's confusing getting back to this time zone after being in Texas.


Anonymous said...

Hey Veronica,

Krissa was on the computer and I was telling her to get off, came to the computer and your page was up. How that happended, I have no idea. I've been catching up on your days and they seem to be very tiring. I am sorry to see your dad not doing so well. I'll have to call you and tell about Bev's medical battles--its not good!

I am saying prayers for ya'll hard-working, loving and devoted children to your father, as well as, for your father himself. ttyl
Love, Brenda!

Mary said...

I did so much crochet and knitting a couple years ago when I was caring for Keith's dad. I love the portability and the fact that unlike quilting you just have to grab some needles and yarn - no prep work needed and I can do it anywhere.

Susan said...

I think those are gorgeous blocks! They are bound to be among her favorites. That afghan moves along pretty quickly!

It's so nice that you have such great co-workers. Sounds like a wonderful birthday lunch!

Hope things settle down for your dad soon.