Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday at the hospital

I didn't work very long at the shop today so I left early to get back to Lubbock. We took advantage of the boys being at the hospital to take pictures for Mother's Day. They brought me some flowers and cards. I caught Robert and Joe with Grampo just before they left to go back to Clovis. April and Carolyn were with them, too.

Looking at these pictures makes me think it's time to get back to the gym. I do not even want to weigh myself right now. When my face fills out like this, I know I'm in trouble. A few days of watching what I eat and drinking lots of water usually helps, but I'm in no mood to do that yet.
I had to crop this picture of Judy and myself or I would have to throw up! lol Good thing we're wearing black!

The quilt blocks are two I made while I was home for two nights. Actually, I made them in one night since they weren't too difficult. I wanted to spend more time and maybe work up more complicated ones, but there just wasn't enough time. These blocks are for Naomi of QOR birthday block exchange. One is a Friendship Star variation and the other is called "Japanese Lantern" from the Quilter's Cache.


Quilt Mommy said...

Oh you're too hard on yourself! You look just beautiful in your pictures! And I love your blocks :)

Quilt Mommy said...

Thank you for YOUR thoughtful comment! I thought I'd drop you another! Lol* I think feeling good and staying healthy is a GREAT reason to go to the gym. This time of year really seems to get me motivated to excersise or do things outdoors, it's wonderful, and so good for you.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day - I see you have a nice big family - it looks like your going to have lots of love around you today!