Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yes, home for a few days. I left early this morning after they had taken Dad to dialysis. Since he would be there 4 or 5 hours, I thought it would be a good time to get on the road. Judy is on her way back to Lubbock after spending a day and a half at home. She said she did a week's worth of work in that time! I believe it. When time is limited, we tend to make better use of it, I guess.

I hope to be at work tomorrow morning, Friday, and Saturday as well. I thought I'd go in for a few hours this afternoon, but after I started laundry and sorted through some mail, I went to bed and slept for three hours. Once I got up and showered, it was too late to go to the shop. Leota has it under control, though.

After I woke up today, I called the hospital to see how Dad had done with the dialysis. They told me he was back in his room and doing fine. I asked to speak with his nurse and was told she was gone. Well, five minutes later, my phone rang and it was Katherine, Dad's nurse for the morning! She said she'd been told I had called and she knew I'd want details. She said Dad got back in his room where she set him up with his meal, told him to eat what he could and she'd be back in 10 minutes to help him. She was gone for 20 minutes and when she got back, he had cleaned his plate! This is a good sign because he had not wanted to eat much of anything the last few days, only drink his milk and anything that went down easy. He had not even wanted to eat when I was spoon-feeding him. He would hold a cup and drink so we got orders for him to have Ensure, or the dialysis version of it. Then, Katherine asked if I wanted to speak with him and she transferred me to his room. He talked to me and said he was getting ready to do his physical therapy. We were afraid that the dialysis was going to wear him out too much to do anything. I am so grateful to Katherine for calling me back. Most of the people at Covenant have been just wonderful.

I came home to several packages. I received two more of my birthday blocks and will try to lay them all out this weekend to take a picture of them. I also received my batik bingo winnings. Maybe I can work on my Mary's Flower Garden for a minute.

Jim called and is on his way home. Wonder if I have to fix dinner tonight or if we'll go out to eat? I'm ready for a good home cooked meal, but I'm not sure I want to do it! LOL


Linda_J said...

Bet you won't stay home long and are trying to make the time count. So many ups and downs for you and your family lately.

Patti said...

Just catching up on my reading. I'm glad you got to go home for even a little while. Sounds like things may be finally looking up for your dad. I sure hope so - it's been such a long haul for all of you.