Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cloudy Sunday in May

I'm back in Lubbock at the hospital with Dad. I'm sitting here watching them getting ready to get Dad up to sit in the big chair. He didn't sleep at all last night, so I feel sorry for them. lol These girls are strong! They just moved him from the bed onto the recliner/wheelchair. Let's see how long he can stay up this time.
I am not happy with the second block I have made for Emily. The first one is called "Kansas Trouble" and, since she lives in Utah, I thought I'd make one titled, "Utah Sparkler". The design should look like a big diamond with those little "V" things in the corners. I think I should've reversed the color combo. Oh well. She'll still have a purple quilt.
How about this! When I got to the hospital yesterday, Judy presented me with the rest of my birthday gifts. LOL It sure has been nice celebrating my birthday for two months now! I can't wait to set up this XM Radio unit in my car. When I drive around with Judy, we listen to all kinds of different stations on her XM. We especially enjoy a talk show called "Broadminded". These gals are a little off-center and sometimes just downright nasty, but they are so funny. Since I've been driving back and forth to Lubbock, this will be a nice change of pace.

They say it's supposed to rain today. Guess I'd better check the radar and see if Judy will get to go home today.


ForestJane said...

The purple blocks look terrific! I think you'll like having some dark toned ones between the light toned ones (I mean the overall stand-back-and-look at the quilt kind of tones... adds visual interest. :)

JudyL said...

Your blocks are lovely and I know she'll love her purple quilt. That's the same XM Radio that I have and I love it.