Saturday, August 30, 2008

Still sweatin'...

and lovin' every minute of it! I finished another caddy last night and also worked on two more dishtowel dresses. The sunflower dress doesn't have it's ribbon yet. I thought about making the ties, but don't relish having to turn the tube. The tube turner I have is too big for this job. Yes, I could use a safety pin, but I don't wanna. lol
I wish I could say the sweatin' came from exercising, but it didn't. And, I didn't really sweat while working on these projects (I do sometimes, though!) In fact, instead of exercising, Judy and I went to eat at the new Fat Boy's BBQ place last night. Not too bad, but probably not a place I want to eat on a regular basis. I do want to try their salads eventually.
I gave Judy the first caddy I made last week and gave April the brown, flowery one I showed in the last post. They were both ecstatic! Okay, maybe not ecstatic, but they liked them.

It's Saturday again and a busy day scheduled at work. Thank goodness, because it's been a pretty slow week up until today. Have a great weekend!


Susan said...

I love the little dresses. The ribbon bows look so cute. BBQ sounds yummy!

SewAmy said...

how do you whip those caddy's out so fast? I am still working on my first one.