Friday, August 22, 2008

Vest comes home

Yes, it's home, but it's not finished. The back top is what I did, you might remember from about 6 months ago. I show it without the back bottom piece that was done because I'm not sure I'll keep that particular addition. I'm very happy with what was done on the front, but there is still a white space that needs to be filled. I'll work on that sometime.

I've added a few closeups of the front. I really like the button piece that was added to the end of the flying geese. It may pose a bit of a challenge when it comes time to binding.

The Celtic design is simply smashing. What a nice job! Very intricate and appliqued all by hand. I love it!
The covergence block is really nice and adds an element of depth. I really like the diminsional flowers, too.


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Wow!!! Your vest is beautiful! Each part is very different but somehow it all goes together. Looking forward to seeing the vest all done. cheers, QGB

Gina said...

I love what they've done with it.

Love and hugs Ginaxxx

Franie said...

WOW That is stunning! Lucky Lady you are.