Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Another little peek

This should really give you an idea as to how the bag is looking. I'm done with it and just checked that the due date is Sept. 12, so, I am way ahead of myself. I think I can mail it around Sept. 1 and since it's going to (oops, I almost said where it's going! lol). Suffice it to say that I need to give it some time to get where it's going.

I am in the process of entering some projects in the Curry County Fair. Sheryl told me this morning that I have entered, in the past, as a professional. Therefore, I will have to do that again. Since I do sell some of my things and give workshops at times, I am considered a "pro". Who'd a thunk it?

Time to shower and move on outta here. I almost forgot that I have a 9 o'clock app't this morning so I have to get Brittany to the sitter earlier than I had first thought. I'm so thankful that Dad is getting along a lot better right now. He's dropped so much of his fluid weight that his oxygen levels are as good as mine! Woo hoo!! Thank you, Lord.

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Myra said...

Oh the lucky gal that is to receive your giftie bag... Very nice!
I totally understand your "weary" feeling.... This too shall pass....eventually! 8-)