Saturday, August 09, 2008

After Restoration

I wish you could see these in person! If you click on the picture below, before Restoration, and then click to enlarge this one, you can see that all the stains are gone! The yellowing of the muslin is even gone! Thanks, Judy, for finding this stuff! Now, though, I'll have to soak the entire quilt top with the rest of the blocks once I get it all together.

I woke up about 1:30 and could hardly swallow. I gargled with warm salt water, took an Aleve and slept until 6 a.m. I can swallow a bit easier but am feeling "blah". lol I've got a long day ahead, and night, so I better get going. Have a great Saturday!


Myra said...

Great that your soak worked! Good for you!
Sounds like Veronica needs to get off her merry-go-round for a while and take care of herself... time for a couple days of rest, to take care of the caregiver... 8-)

Silverthimble said...

Thanks for showing us the results of soaking in restoration on these blocks. I have a quilt that was made from embroidery blocks like yours that was assembled by my dad's elementary school teacher. There are some stains on a few blocks and I was wondering how to get them out. I am going to keep my eyes open for this product. What company makes it? Is it powder or liquid? Is it carried in quilt shops? or antique shops? Thanks for the help.